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Study Rooms (Reference : Reference) Capacity: 3


Study Room Procedures during Covid-19

  • Study rooms will be limited to use by 1 person at a time for 1 hour at a time.

  • There will be a minimum of 1 hour between appointments to allow

  • Circ Staff ample time to disinfect room in between uses.

  • Circ staff will print LibCal study room register each morning.

  • When patrons come in for their appointments, circ staff will check patron name against register to confirm they match.

  • Circ Staff will then take patrons’ keys, put them in top drawer, and then let patron into study room.

  • When patrons leave, circ staff will then spray Lysol in the study room and let it “set” for a few minutes to disinfect the air.

  • Circ staff will then return and wipe down everything else.

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